A constrained maximum available frequency slots on path based online routing and spectrum allocation for dynamic traffic in elastic optical networks

Akhtar Nawaz Khan


Elastic optical networking is a potential candidate to support dynamic traffic with heterogeneous data rates and variable bandwidth requirements with the support of the optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing technology (OOFDM). During the dynamic network operation, lightpath arrives and departs frequently and the network status updates accordingly. Fixed routing and alternate routing algorithms do not tune according to the current network status which are computed offline. Therefore, offline algorithms greedily use resources with an objective to compute shortest possible paths and results in high blocking probability during dynamic network operation. In this paper, adaptive routing algorithms are proposed for shortest path routing as well as alternate path routing which make routing decision based on the maximum idle frequency slots (FS) available on different paths. The proposed algorithms select an underutilized path between different choices with maximum idle FS and efficiently avoids utilizing a congested path. The proposed routing algorithms are compared with offline routing algorithms as well as an existing adaptive routing algorithm in different network scenarios. It has been shown that the proposed algorithms efficiently improve network performance in terms of FS utilization and blocking probability during dynamic network operation.

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