Publication costs/APC


As of 2017, authors are enabled to pay page charges, which cover the cost of the publishing process and will be invoiced upon paper acceptance. Note that we charge for papers of the required length (6-8 pages) and additionally apply excess page charges (8+ pages). 

The current fee per page is:

- the article is 6-8 pages - 100 PLN per page,

- for 8+ pages - 150 PLN per page.

When and how do I pay?

Attention to the fact that we do not accept fees before the article is accepted and without inclusion in publishing plans.

After the editorial approval of the article, the authors will receive confirmation of acceptance for publication and all details regarding the fee, including its amount and payment deadline.

We do not accept payment from PayPal. Authors pay directly by bank transfers or use
The paying person sends the bank transfer confirmation after payment. Our office sends the invoice via email once the payment has been received on our account.