Construction of an Expert System Based on Fuzzy Logic for Diagnosis of Analog Electronic Circuits

Damian Grzechca


The paper presents construction of the fuzzy logic system to analog circuits soft fault diagnosis. The classical dictionary construction is replaced by fuzzy rule system. The first part refers to analog fault diagnosis, its techniques, approaches and goals. It clarifies common strategy and define differences between detecting, locating and identifying a fault in analog electronic circuit. The second part is focused on a creation of fuzzy rule expert system with use of sensitivity functions and known circuit topology. To detect, locate and identify a faulty element in a circuit the sensitivity matrix is used. The advantage of the method is its utilization in all, AC, DC and time domain. The fuzzy system, like the classical fault dictionary, can detect and locate single catastrophic faults and, on the contrary to the classical one, it also detects and locates parametric faults. Moreover, it allows identification of these faults, such that sign of the faulty parameter deviation is designated. The method has deterministic character as well as  it can be applied on the verification and production stage.

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