The On-line Evolutionary Method for Soft Fault Diagnosis in Diode-transistor Circuits

Marek Korzybski, Marek Ossowski


The paper is devoted to diagnostic method enabling us to perform all the three levels of fault investigations, it means, detection, localization and identification. It is designed for analog diode-transistor circuits, in which the circuit state is defined by DC sources values causing elements operating points and the harmonic components with small amplitudes being calculated in accordance with small signal circuit analysis rules. Gene expression programming (GEP), differential evolution (DE) and genetic algorithms (GA) are a mathematical background of the proposed algorithms. Time consumed by diagnostic process rises rapidly with the increasing number of possible faulty circuit elements in case of using any of mentioned algorithms. Use of two different circuit models with partly different elements allows us to decrease a number of possibly faulty and possibly concurrently faulty elements in all of them, and results in an increasing number of measurement points. This significantly increases probability of creating conditions for carrying out an effective on-line circuit testing, without necessity of performing additional simulations.

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