CBM Experiment local and global implications

Ryszard S. Romaniuk, Wojciech M. Zabolotny


The research area of the compressed baryonic matter - CBM experiment (FAIR/GSI in Darmstadt) is sub-nuclear physics, thus hadron-baryon and quark-gluon, and the essence of phase transitions in the area of hot nuclear matter, and dense strongly interacting matter. Our interest in this paper are mainly considerations on the impact of such large infrastructural experiments and possibilities they give to local, smaller but very active, university based research groups and communities. Research and technical input from such groups is depicted on the background of the CBM detector infrastructure and electronic instrumentation just under design and test fabrication for this experiment. An essential input to this research originates from Poland via the agreed  in-kind contribution. The areas of expertise of these groups are: superconductivity, structural large scale cabling, precision machined parts, RF and microwave technology, analog and advanced digital electronics, distributed measurement and control systems, etc.

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