Time interval measurement module implemented in SoC FPGA device


  • Grzegorz Lukasz Grzeda Military University of Technology in Warsaw
  • Ryszard Szplet


We presents the design and test results of a picosecond-precision time interval measurement module, integrated as a System-on-Chip in an FPGA device. Implementing a complete measurement instrument of a high precision in one chip with the processing unit gives an opportunity to cut down the size of the final product and to lower its cost. Such approach challenges the constructor with several design issues, like reduction of voltage noise, propagating through power lines common for the instrument and processing unit, or establishing buses efficient enough to transport mass measurement data. The general concept of the system, design hierarchy, detailed hardware and software  solutions are presented in this article. Also, system test results are depicted with comparison to traditional ways of building a measurement instrument.


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Metrology, Measurement Science