Analysis and design of colpitts oscillator for short-range WSN


  • Mousa yousefi Azarbijan Shahid madani University


In this paper, analysis and design of colpitts oscillator with ability to transmit data at low output power with application in short-range wireless sensor networks such as MICS is described. Reducing the area required to implement the transmitter, on-chip implementation and appropriate energy efficiency are the advantages of this structure that makes it suitable for the design of short-range transmitter in biomedical applications. The proposed OOK transmitter works at 400 MHz with 10 Mbps data rate. Output power and total power consumption are 25 µW and 670 µW, respectively. Energy efficiency is 67 pJ/bit. The transmitter has been designed and simulated in 0.18 µm CMOS technology.


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Signals, Circuits, Systems