Countering a Self-protection Frequency-shifting Jamming against LFM Pulse Compression Radars


  • Samer Baher Safa Hanbali Department of Communication Engineering, Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology.
  • Radwan Kastantin Department of Communication Engineering, Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology.


The well-known range-Doppler coupling property of the LFM (Linear Frequency Modulation) pulse compression radar makes it more vulnerable to repeater jammer that shifts radar signal in the frequency domain before retransmitting it back to the radar. The repeater jammer, in this case, benefits from the pulse compression processing gain of the radar receiver, and generates many false targets that appear before and after the true target. Therefore, the radar cannot distinguish between the true target and the false ones.

In this paper, we present a new technique to counter frequency shifting repeater jammers. The proposed technique is based on introducing a small change in the sweep bandwidth of LFM waveform. The effectiveness of the proposed technique is justified by mathematical analysis and demonstrated by simulation.


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Antennas, Radars and Radiowave Propagation