The channel for hidden data transmission in WSN


  • Radosław Olgierd Schoeneich Institute of Telecommunications, Warsaw University of Technology
  • Marcin Golański Institute of Telecommunications, Warsaw University of Technology
  • Michał Kucharski Institute of Telecommunications, Warsaw University of Technology
  • Marek Franciszkiewicz Institute of Telecommunications, Warsaw University of Technology
  • Dawid Zgid Institute of Telecommunications, Warsaw University of Technology


This paper describes an idea and realisation of hidden data transmision using Tiny Aggregation Covert Channel (TAGCC)in Wireless Sensor Networks. Our solution uses data aggregation mechanism called Tiny Aggregation (TAG). The protocol is based on idea of hidden messages sending without generate additional data packets and encryption. The paper describes details of proposed algorithm and simulation results obtained during testing of the sensor networks with hidden channel TAGCC.


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