Application of Neural Network for Testing selected specification parameters of Voltage-Controlled Oscillator

Sebastian Temich, Damian Grzechca


In this paper, the application of the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) algorithm has been used for testing selected specification parameters of voltage-controlled oscillator. Today, mixed electronic circuits specification time is an issue. An analog part of Phase Locked Loop is a voltage-controlled oscillator, which is very sensitive to variation of the technology process. Fault model for the integrated circuit voltage control oscillator (VCO) in ring topology is introduced and the before test stage classificatory is designed. In order to reduce testing time and keep the specification accuracy (approximation) on the high level, an artificial neural network has been applied. The features selection process and output coding for specification parameters are described.
A number of different ANN have been designed and then compared with real specification of the VCO. The results obtained gives response in short time with high enough accuracy.

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