Further Discussion on Modeling of Measuring Process via Sampling of Signals

Andrzej Marek Borys


In this paper, we continue a topic of modeling measuring processes by perceiving them as a kind of signal sampling. And, in this respect, note that an ideal model was developed in a previous work. Whereas here, we present its nonideal version. This extended model takes into account an effect, which is called averaging of a measured signal. And, we show here that it is similar to smearing of signal samples arising in nonideal signal sampling. Furthermore, we demonstrate in this paper that signal averaging and signal smearing mean principally the same, under the conditions given. So, they can be modeled in the same way. A thorough analysis of errors related to the signal averaging in a measuring process is given and illustrated with equivalent schemes of the relationships derived. Furthermore, the results obtained are compared with the corresponding ones that were achieved analyzing amplitude quantization effects of sampled signals used in digital techniques. Also, we show here that modeling of errors related to signal averaging through the so-called quantization noise, assumed to be a uniform distributed random signal, is rather a bad choice. In this paper, an upper bound for the above error is derived. Moreover, conditions for occurrence of hidden aliasing effects in a measured signal are given.

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