Properties of a wireless mesh network constructed with the use of IQRF modules in the indoor environment

Sławomir Pluta, Patryk Roszkowski


The subject of the article is the design and practical implementation of the wireless mesh network. IQRF radio modules were used for the network design. The IQRF® technique has enabled the construction of a mesh network with the possibility of reconfiguration. The theoretical part contains a description of the IQRF® hardware solutions used. The practical scope includes the design part, where the configuration of the radio modules was carried out and the parameters of the radio network were set to allow its implementation in various topologies. Then, a wireless network consisting of 10 IQRF modules was launched in the P3 building of the Opole University of Technology. At this stage, configured radio modules were placed in selected rooms on all five floors of the building in order to carry out tests of the radio network constructed in this way. The tests included measuring the packet transmission delay time as well as the received signal strength. Research was carried out for several network topologies.

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