Efficient H.264 intra Frame CODEC with Best prediction matrix mode algorithm

Sara Hamdy, Abdelhalim Zekry, Wael A. Mohamed


The continuous growth of smart communities and everincreasing
demand of sending or storing videos, have led to
consumption of huge amount of data. The video compression
techniques are solving this emerging challenge. However, H.264
standard can be considered most notable, and it has proven to meet
problematic requirements. The authors present (BPMM) as a novel
efficient Intra prediction scheme. We can say that the creation of our
proposed technique was in a phased manner; it's emerged as a
proposal and achieved impressive results in the performance
parameters as compression ratios, bit rates, and PSNR. Then in the
second stage, we solved the challenges of overcoming the obstacle of
encoding bits overhead. In this research, we try to address the final
phase of the (BPMM) codec and to introduce our approach in a global
manner through realization of decoding mechanism. For evaluation of
our scheme, we utilized VHDL as a platform. Final results have
proven our success to pass bottleneck of this phase, since the decoded
videos have the same PSNR that our encoder tells us, while
preserving steady compression ratio treating the overhead. We aspire
our BPMM algorithm will be adopted as reference design of H.264 in
the ITU.

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