Approaches to evaluating the quality of masking noise interference

Nurzhigit Smailov, Askhat Batyrgaliev, Ainur Akhmediyarova, Nurgul Seilova, Madina Koshkinbayeva, Moldir Baigulbayeva, Ryszard Romaniuk, Maxat Orunbekov, Kabdoldina Assem, Andrzej Kotyra


The paper discusses the characteristics of spatial electromagnetic noise generators, as well as the formation of a broadband noise signal. A number of well-known methods for assessing the quality of masking noise interference and the approaches used in them have been described. Approaches to the measurement of masking noise were also determined in assessing their quality. In conclusion, additional methods are proposed for assessing the quality of masking noises, such as searching for correlation of noise in different frequency sub-bands and using statistical and (or) graphical methods (tests) for randomness.

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