Measurement of linear parameters of dielectric filaments based on the corona discharge

Aliya Sovetzhanovna Tergeussizova, Shabden Abuovich Bakhtaev, Bekmurza Husainovich Aitchanov, Gulzada Dauletbekovna Mussapirova, Aynur Zhumakhanovna Toigozhinova, Waldemar Wójcik, Ryszard Romaniuk


On the basis of a unipolar corona discharge, a method of non-contact and continuous measurement of linear parameters of thin and ultra-thin dielectric fibres and optical fibres (10 to 125 microns) in the process of their manufacture was developed. The measurement method differs from the commonly known methods by high accuracy and reliability of measurement and resistance to changes in the electrical characteristics of the discharge gap and the state of ambient air.

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