A Rapid Monitoring Method for Natural Gas Safety Monitoring

Rongli Li, Yuexin Fan


The quick leakage alarm and the accurate concentration prediction are two important aspects of natural gas safety monitoring.  In this paper, a rapid monitoring method of sensor data sharing, rapid leakage alarm and simultaneous output of concentrations prediction is proposed to accelerate the alarm speed and predict the possible impact of leakage.  In this method, the Dempster-Shafer evidence theory is used to fuse the trend judgment and the CUSUM (cumulative sum) and the Gauss-Newton iteration is used to predict the concentration.  The experiment system based on the TGS2611 natural gas sensor was built.  The results show that the fusion method is significantly better than the single monitoring method.  The alarm time of fusion method was more advanced than that of the CUSUM method and the trend method (being averagely, 10.4% and 7.6% in advance in the CUSUM method and the trend method respectively).  The relative deviations of the predicted concentration were the maximum (13.3%) at 2000 ppm (parts per million) and the minimum (0.8%) at 6000 ppm, respectively.

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