Design, Analysis and Comparison of Si- and GaN-Based DC-DC Wide-Input-Voltage-Range Buck-Boost Converters


  • Mikołaj Koszel Warsaw University of Technology Institute of Control and Industrial Electronics
  • Piotr Grzejszczak Warsaw University of Technology Institute of Control and Industrial Electronics
  • Bartosz Nowatkiewicz Wibar Technology Ltd.
  • Kornel Wolski Warsaw University of Technology Institute of Control and Industrial Electronics


The purpose of the article is a comparison between DC/DC topologies with a wide input voltage range. The research also explains how the implementation of GaN E‑HEMT transistors influences the overall efficiency of the converter. The article presents a process of selection of the most efficient topology for stabilization of the battery storage voltage (9 V – 36 V) at the level of 24 V, which enables the usage of ultracapacitor energy storage in a wide range of applications, e.g., in automated electric vehicles. In order to choose the most suitable topology, simulation and laboratory research were conducted. The two most promising topologies were selected for verification in the experimental model. Each of the converters was constructed in two versions: with Si and with GaN E-HEMT transistors. The paper presents experimental research results that consist of precise power loss measurements and thermal analysis. The performance with an increased switching frequency of converters was also examined.


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Power, Industrial Electronics