Improving the accuracy of the active power load sharing in paralleled generators in the presence of drive motors shaft speed instability


  • Abdullah Eial Awwad Tafila Technical University
  • Alaa Al-Quteimat Tafila Technical University
  • Mahmoud Al-Suod Tafila Technical University
  • O.O Ushkarenko Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, Mykolaiv, Ukraine
  • Atia AlHawamleh Tafila Technical University


The paper suggests an improved method of active power distribution among the gas-diesel generators operating in parallel; the method involves the control of torque and the angular positions of their rotors. The use of the suggested approach to the solution of the active power distribution task in the presence of instability of drive motor speed provides the increase of autonomous power system operation efficacy and rising the power unit’s performance. The authors analyzed the causes of generation of low-frequency fluctuations of generator drive engine speed; in autonomous electric power systems, gas diesel generators are increasingly used as such generator drive engines. It is suggested to use the developed method and structure of the optical device for control of rotation period and the measurement of the generator rotor angle position characterized with high accuracy, as the sensor. The authors developed a schematic diagram of active power distribution among the generators operating in parallel, which uses the cross feedback for gas-powered diesel engine shafts momentum and the generator rotor angle position. They obtained experimental results confirming the efficiency of the suggested active power distribution method and its practical implementation.


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Power, Industrial Electronics