Performance of Unsupervised Change Detection Method Based on PSO and K-means Clustering for SAR Images


  • Jinan N. Shehab University of Diyala, College of Engineering, Dept. of Communication Engineering
  • Hussein A. Abdulkadhim University of Diyala, College of Engineering, Dept. of Communication Engineering


This paper presents unsupervised change detection method to produce more accurate change map from imbalanced SAR images for the same land cover. This method is based on PSO algorithm for image segmentation to layers which classify by Gabor Wavelet filter and then K-means clustering to generate new change map. Tests are confirming the effectiveness and efficiency by comparison obtained results with the results of the other methods. Integration of PSO with Gabor filter and k-means will providing more and more accuracy to detect a least changing in objects and terrain of SAR image, as well as reduce the processing time.


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