Real Time Virtual Human Hand Using Leap Motion Controller


  • R. Sastheeshkumar annamalai university
  • R. Arivoli Annamalai University


the research of robotics needs a good and accurate control. The proposed concept is touch less and non-verbal communication with the use of leap motion controller. The concept has two major parts: first part is “device perceive hand finger moments and send signal”, second part is robotic hand interfaced with PIC microcontroller which receives signal and controls robotic hand. The paper aims to link virtual environment with real time environment. The virtual environment is consisting of leap motion controller and laptop, real time environment is consisting of microcontroller and robotic arm. In real time environment parodist is converts into virtual environment.

Author Biography

R. Arivoli, Annamalai University

Professor (Retired)
Department of Electrical Engineering


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Control, Automation and Robotics