A Theoretical Review of Topological Organization for Wireless Sensor Network


  • Sarang Dagajirao Patil NES Gangamai College of Engineering, Nagaon, Dhule, Maharashta, India
  • Pravin Sahebrao Patil Professor & Head, Dept.of E&C Engineering SSVPSBSD College of Engineering Dhule, Maharashtra, India


The recent decades have seen the growth in the fields of wireless communication technologies, which has made it possible to produce components with a rational cost of a few cubic millimeters of volume, called sensors. The collaboration of many of these wireless sensors with a basic base station gives birth to a network of wireless sensors. The latter faces numerous problems related to application requirements and the inadequate abilities of sensor nodes, particularly in terms of energy. In order to integrate the different models describing the characteristics of the nodes of a WSN, this paper presents the topological organization strategies to structure its communication. For large networks, partitioning into sub-networks (clusters) is a technique used to reduce consumption, improve network stability and facilitate scalability.

Author Biographies

Sarang Dagajirao Patil, NES Gangamai College of Engineering, Nagaon, Dhule, Maharashta, India

Sarang Dagajirao Patil received a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics & Telecommunication from Pune University (Maharashtra) in 2007 and a Master of Engineering in Electronics Engineering from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad in 2012. He joined as a research scholar at North Maharashtra University in 2018. His current research interest is in wireless sensor networks. Presently he is working as Assistant Professor in Dept.of Electronics & Telecommunication at Gangamai College of Engineering, Dhule, Maharashtra

Pravin Sahebrao Patil, Professor & Head, Dept.of E&C Engineering SSVPSBSD College of Engineering Dhule, Maharashtra, India

Dr. Pravin Sahebrao Patil received a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics & Telecommunication from Marathwada University, Aurangabad (Maharashtra) in 1989, and a Master of Engineering from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology at Allahabad in 1995, and a Ph.D. degree from North Maharashtra University from 2012. His current research interests are in wireless sensor networks and Digital image processing. Presently he is working as Professor & Head in Dept.of Electronics & Communication at SSVPS Bapusaheb Shivajirao Deore College of Engineering, Dhule, Maharashtra.


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