A method for soft fault diagnosis of linear analog circuit using the Laplace transform technique


  • Michał Tadeusiewicz Lodz University of Technology
  • Marek Ossowski
  • Marek Korzybski


This paper is focused on multiple soft fault diagnosis of linear time-invariant analog circuits and brings a method that achieves all objectives of the fault diagnosis: detection, location, and identification. The method is based on a diagnostic test arranged in the transient state, which requires one node accessible for excitation and two nodes accessible for measurement. The circuit is specified by two transmittances which express the Laplace transform of the output voltages in terms of the Laplace transform of the input voltage. Each of these relationships is used to create an overdetermined system of nonlinear algebraic equations with the circuit parameters as the unknown variables. An iterative method is developed to solve these equations. Some virtual solutions can be eliminated comparing the results obtained using both transmittances. Three examples are provided where laboratory or numerical experiments reveal effectiveness of the proposed method.






Signals, Circuits, Systems