A Review on Impulse RADAR

Amit Kumar, Saket Kumar, Vikrant Singh, Abhishek Kumar Singh


RADAR plays a vital role in military applications since its origin in the 2nd world war. Recently it has been used in surface inception, health monitoring, infrastructure health monitoring, etc. In these applications, Ultra-wideband RADAR systems are more popular than traditional RADAR systems. Impulse RADAR is a special kind of ultra-wideband RADAR, which is mostly used for surface penetration, through-wall imaging, antimissile detection, anti-stealth technology, etc. because of its high resolution and low center frequency. Out of all these applications, impulse RADAR has been used intensively as a ground-penetrating RADAR for the detection of land mines, underlying pipelines, buried objects, etc. This report has attempted to provide the steps for designing the impulse ground penetrating RADAR (GPR) as well as provides the value of crucial parameters required in the design process of commercial GPR systems.

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