• Samuelraj Chrysolite Karunya University
  • Anita Jones Mary Pushpa Karunya University


In today’s fast-paced world, where everyone/everything is moving towards an online platform, the need to provide high-speed data to all is inevitable. Hence, introducing the emerging 5G technology with orthogonal frequency division multiplexing integrated with massive MIMO technology is the need of the hour. A 640 port Massive MIMO (m-MIMO) antenna with high evenly spread gain and very low delay, along with a practically possible data rate operating in the mm waveband, is proposed for a 5G base station. The individual antenna element consists of a dipole (λ=0.5cm) designed to operate at 57GHz. Placing the cylindrical MIMO antenna array (8x20) facing the four directions forming the m-MIMO antenna (160x4) at the height of 3m from ground level for simulation. Achievement of a maximum gain of 23.14dBi (θ=90▫) and a minimum data rate of 1.44Gbps with -10dB bandwidth of 2.1GHz (256-QAM) approximately a distance of 478m from the 5G Base station. The m-MIMO structure gives an Envelope Correlation Coefficient of 0.015. The propagation analysis is carried out to substantiate the performance of the proposed system based on field strength and received power. Network Analysis for better reception performance is carried out by changing the antenna height placement, altering the down tilt of the antenna array, and sweeping the polarization angle of the antenna array.

Author Biography

Anita Jones Mary Pushpa, Karunya University

Associate Professor


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Antennas, Radars and Radiowave Propagation