Palmprint Recognition Using Gabor-Based Scale Orientation



Various methods are used to obtain a superior palmprint recognition system. After selecting the palmprint image filter, using the Gabor orientation scale pair becomes an option to support the improvement of the verification process. The $ [8\times 7] $ pair of the Gabor orientation scale pair provides a significant system improvement impact from several alternatives. Although many researchers in the same field use different options by getting as many as 40 different positions, with differences as many as 56 parts, Gabor does not take up computational time. The system will be more superior when it combines the use of ThreeW filter, KPCA dimension reduction, and cosine matching method to get a verification rate of $ 99,611\% $. With the achievement of the results of this study, it can be an alternative system in the field of palmprint recognition.

Author Biography

Muhammad Kusban, Electrical UMS

Electrical Engineering


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