Low Leakage and Robust Sub-threshold SRAM Cell using Memristor

Zeba Mustaqueem, Abdul Quaiyum Ansari, Md Waseem Akram


This work aims to improve the total power dissipation, leakage currents and stability without disturbing the logic state of SRAM cell with concept called sub-threshold operation. Though, sub-threshold SRAM proves to be advantageous but fails with basic 6T SRAM cell during readability and writability. In this paper we have investigated a non-volatile 6T2M (6 Transistors & 2 Memristors) sub-threshold SRAM cell working at lower supply voltage of VDD=0.3V, where Memristor is used to store the information even at power failures and restores previous data with successful read and write operation overcomes the challenge faced. This paper also proposes a new configuration of non-volatile 6T2M (6 Transistors & 2 Memristors) sub-threshold SRAM cell resulting in improved behaviour in terms of power, stability and leakage current where read and write power has improved by 40% and 90% respectively when compared to 6T2M (conventional) SRAM cell. The proposed 6T2M SRAM cell offers good stability of RSNM=65mV and WSNM=93mV which is much improved at low voltage when compared to conventional basic 6T SRAM cell, and improved leakage current of 4.92nA is achieved as compared.

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