Subjective Assessment of the Speech Signal Quality Broadcasted by Local Digital Radio in Selected Locations in Wroclaw under Studio and Home Conditions

Maurycy Jerzy Kin, Stefan Brachmański, Patrycja Zemankiewicz


In October 2018, local digital radio was launched to cover the agglomeration of Wroclaw. The implementation of this undertaking required many tests, including qualitative ones, that refer to both music and speech. This paper presents the results of subjective tests based on the evaluation of speech quality of signals recorded at various points in Wroclaw. Measurements were carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the International Telecommunication Union as well as in ordinary acoustic conditions in listeners’ flats. The rating was made for male and female voices. The most important conclusion is that for speech signal assessment in meaning of the quality the test conditions do not influence the obtained results. The other fact confirmed in the experiment was that the receiving place of DAB+ signal in the Single-Frequency Network also does not affected the perceived voice quality.

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