Application of a control algorithm for the master unit of a distributed photovoltaic system

Mariusz Świderski, Amadeusz Gąsiorek


The presented distributed photovoltaic system is made of divided into individual modules photovoltaic panel, consisting of several photovoltaic cells properly connected and coupling them with low-power DC / DC converters. The essence of the research is to increase the reliability of the system and the resultant efficiency of the entire system, so that it is possible to convert solar radiation energy into electricity with the greatest efficiency. The article focuses on the presentation of the implementation and tests of the overriding control algorithm, the task of which is to provide full functionality for

a distributed photovoltaic system. The control is designed to minimize the negative effects of shadows on the operation of the photovoltaic system and conduct self-diagnostics. The conclusion for the carried out work is the formulation of hardware and interface requirements for the further development of the project.

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