Improved Framework for Blockchain Application Using Lattice Based Key Agreement Protocol

Zahraa Oleiwi, Rasha Dihin, Ali Alwan


One of the most recent challenges in communication
system and network system is the privacy and security of
information and communication session. Blockchain is one of
technologies that use in sensing application in different important
environments such as healthcare. In healthcare the patient privacy
should be protected use high security system. Key agreement
protocol based on lattice ensure the authentication and high
protection against different types of attack especially
impersonation and man in the middle attack where the latticebased protocol is quantum-withstand protocol. Proposed improved
framework using lattice based key agreement protocol for
application of block chain, with security analysis of many
literatures that proposed different protocols has been presented
with comparative study. The resultant new framework based on
lattice overcome the latency limitation of block chain in the old
framework and lowered the computation cost that depend on
Elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman. Also, it ensures high privacy and
protection of patient’s information

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