Design and Development of 3-D Printed RDRA for Polarization Reconfigurability in C-band.

Maganti Apparao, Godi Karunakar


In this article, a 3D printed rectangular dielectric resonator antenna which is capable of polarization reconfiguration has been designed. Dielectric resonator is composed of environment friendly and biodegradable material, which is Polylactic Acid. In the proposed model, the polarization can be switch from a linear to a circular by changing the state of a switch, electonically. The antenna switch between two different polarizations:  Linear polarization during OFF STATE and Left-hand circular polarization during ON STATE. The proposed 3D printed dielectric resonator antenna is designed to operate in C-band of microwave spectrum, with a broad effective bandwidth (overlapped impedance bandwidths of both states) of 14.542% with centre frequency at 5.845GHz and peak gain 5.5dBi. Further, validated simulated results with experiment and both results are in good agreement.

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