Robotic Mobile Holder (For CAR Dashboards)


  • Madhunala Srilatha Assistant Professor Department of ECE Vardhaman College of Engineering
  • Kanneti Bhavya Department of ECE Vardhaman College of Engineering
  • Ananthula Priya Department of ECE Vardhaman College of Engineering


In the current smart tech world, there is an immense need of automating tasks and processes to avoid human intervention, save time and energy. Nowadays, mobile phones have become one of the essential things for human beings either to call someone, connect to the internet, while driving people need mobile phones to receive or make a call, use google maps to know the routes and many more. Normally in cars, mobile holders are placed on the dashboard to hold the mobile and the orientation of the phone needs to be changed according to the driver's convenience manually, but the driver may distract from driving while trying to access mobile phone which may lead to accidents. To solve this problem, an auto adjustable mobile holder is designed in such a way that it rotates according to the movement of the driver and also it can even alert the driver when he feels drowsiness. Image Processing is used to detect the movement of the driver which is then processed using LabVIEW software and NI myRIO hardware. NI Vision development module is used to perform face recognition and servo motors are used to rotate the holder in the required position. Simulation results show that the proposed system has achieved maximum accuracy in detecting faces, drowsiness and finding the position coordinates.


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Sensors, Microsystems, MEMS, MOEMS