Real Time Implementation of Amphibious Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System for Horticulture


  • M Arun Kumar GITAM Deemed to be University
  • Dioline Sara GITAM Deemed to be University
  • Nagarjuna Telagam GITAM Deemed to be University
  • Balwinder Raj National Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research (NITTTR)


Automating the tasks that require manpower has been considered as an area of active research in science and technology. Challenges in designing such systems include accuracy in the parameters of performance, minimal hardware, cost-efficiency, and security. The efficiency of drones designed for replacing humans is often evaluated using their weight, flying time, and power consumption. Herein, the prototype-based Drone model has been designed and discussed for horticulture applications. In this model, a horticulture drone has been designed for structuring and cutting of plants in street interstates. This methodology focuses on automation engineering that is utilized for cutting the plants in less time and less power, thereby diminishing the contamination that may happen by utilizing fuels. The epic part of this plan includes the less weight drone predesigned using Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application (CATIA) V5 Software. The throttle for the motors is adjusted at 50% to get the required thrust for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to fly. Experimental results show that the horticulture drone has comparatively more flying time and less power consumption.

Keywords— CATIA; UAV; Automation; Thrust; Throttle.


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Control, Automation and Robotics