Quick Handover in 5G for High Speed Railways and Highways Using Forward Handover and PN Sequence Detection

Mohammad T. Kawser, Kazi Md. Abir Hassan, Md. Atiqul Haque, Sakif Ahmed, Mohammad Rubbyat Akram


The cellular users, on high speed railways and
highways, travel at a very high speed and follow a nearly straight
path, in general. Thus, they typically undergo a maximum
frequency of handovers in the cellular environment. This requires
a very fast triggering of the handover. In the existing method of
handover in 5G cellular communication, for high speed users,
neither the decision-making of handover nor the triggering of
handover is sufficiently fast. This can lead to poor signal quality
and packet losses and in the worst case, radio link failure (RLF)
during a handover. This paper proposes a forward handover based
method, combined with PN sequence detections, to facilitate a
quicker handover for high speed users on railways and highways.
The proposed method adds some complexity but can offer a
significant improvement in the overall handover delay. A simplistic
simulation is used to demonstrate the improvement of the proposed

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