Biologically Inspired Energy Efficient Routing Protocol in Disaster Situation

Shankar Dattaray Chavan, Amruta Sharad Thorat, Monica Shivaji Gunjal, Anup S Vibhute, Kamalakar Ravindra Desai


Wireless sensor network (WSN) plays a crucial role in many industrial, commercial, and social applications. However, increasing the number of nodes in a WSN increases network complexity, making it harder to acquire all relevant data in a timely way. By assuming the end node as a base station, we devised an Artificial Ant Routing (AAR) method that overcomes such network difficulties and finds an ideal routing that gives an easy way to reach the destination node in our situation. The goal of our research is to establish WSN parameters that are based on the biologically inspired Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) method. The proposed AAR provides the alternating path in case of congestion and high traffic requirement. In the event of node failures in a wireless network, the same algorithm enhances the efficiency of the routing path and acts as a multipath data transmission approach. We simulated network factors including Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR), Throughput, and Energy Consumption to achieve this. The major objective is to extend the network lifespan while data is being transferred by avoiding crowded areas and conserving energy by using a small number of nodes. The result shows that AAR is having improved performance parameters as compared to LEACH, LEACH-C, and FCM-DS-ACO.

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