An Authenticated Routing Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Network Based on Small World Model


  • Daxing Wang college of Mathematics and Finance, Chuzhou University
  • Leying Xu college of Mathematics and Finance, Chuzhou University


Compared with traditional cellular networks, wireless ad hoc networks do not have trusted entities such as routers, since every node in the network is expected to participate in the routing function. Therefore, routing protocols need to be specifically designed for wireless ad hoc networks. In this work, we propose an authenticated routing protocol based on small world model (ARSW). With the idea originating from the small world theory, the operation of the protocol we proposed is simple and flexible. Our simulation results show the proposed ARSW not only increases packet delivery ratio, but also reduces packet delivery delay. In particularly, Using authentication theory, the proposed ARSW improves communication security.






Wireless and Mobile Communications