Implementation and Results of New High Resolution SAR Modes for an Airborne Maritime Patrol Radar

Damian Gromek, Piotr Samczyński, Jacek Misiurewicz, Mateusz Malanowski, Krzysztof Kulpa, Artur Gromek, Andrzej Gadós, Anna Jarzębska, Maciej Smolarczyk


The paper presents new high resolution SAR results of real-life measurements using an updated ARS-400/ARS-800 SAR sensor installed on the maritime patrol aircraft M-28. The main role for such radars is surveying the sea surface, and the imaging of selected targets (e.g. ships, roads, vehicles, buildings, etc.) to help the operator in classifying them. In the present day increasing computing power, improved algorithms and general technological progress has allowed the obtaining of better results in SAR imagery.

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