Adaptation of Evolutionary Algorithms for Decision Making on Building Construction Engineering (TSP Problem)


  • Raniyah A. Wazirali
  • Arwa D. Alzughaibi
  • Zenon Chaczko


The report revolve on building construction engineering and management, in which there are a lot of requirements such as well supervision and accuracy and being in position to forecast uncertainties that may arise and mechanisms to solve them. It also focuses on the way the building and construction can minimise the cost of building and wastages of materials. The project will be based of heuristic methods of Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are various evolution methods, but report focus on two experiments Pattern Recognition and Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP).

The Pattern Recognition focuses Evolutionary Support Vector Machine Inference System for Construction Management. The construction is very dynamic are has a lot of uncertainties, no exact data this implies that the inference should change according to the environment so that it can fit the reality, therefore there a need of Support Vector Machine Inference System to solve these problems. TSP focus on reducing cost of building construction engineering and also reduces material wastages, through its principals of finding the minimum cost path of the salesman.



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