Modelling of Parameterized Discrete Control Algorithms With Use of Finite State Machines in TIA Portal Environment

Grzegorz Andrzejewski, Wojciech Zając


Abstract— There exist numerous modelling techniques and representation methods for digital control algorithms, aimed to achieve required system or process parameters, e.g. precision of process modelling, control quality, fulfilling the time constrains, optimisation of consumption of system resources, or achieving a trade-off between number of parameters.

This work illustrates usage of Finite State Machines (FSM) modelling technique to solve a control problem with parameterized external variables. The structure of this work comprises six elements. The FSM is presented in brief and discrete control algorithm modelling is discussed. The modelled object and control problem is described and variables are identified. The FSM model is presented and control algorithm is described. The parameterization problem is identified and addressed, and the implementation in PLC programming LAD language is presented. Finally, the conclusion is given and future work areas are identified.

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