A comprehensive review on Bidirectional traction converter for Electric vehicles

Lavanya Anbazhagan, Jegatheesan Ramiah, Vijayakumar Krishnaswamy, Divya Navamani Jayachandran


In this fast-changing environmental condition, the effect of fossil fuel in vehicle is a significant concern. Many sustainable sources are being studied to replace the exhausting fossil fuel in most of the countries. This paper surveys the types of electric vehicle’s energy sources and current scenario of the on-road electric vehicle and its technical challenges. It summarizes the number of state-of-the-art research progresses in bidirectional dc-dc converters and its control strategies reported in last two decades. The performance of the various topologies of bidirectional dc-dc converters is also tabulated along with their references. Hence, this work will present a clear view on the development of state-of-the-art topologies in bidirectional dc-dc converters. This review paper will be a guide for the researchers for selecting suitable bidirectional traction dc-dc converters for electric vehicle and it gives the clear picture of this research field.

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